In order to make waiting time more pleasant, you can use our free wifi network.

Easy park

Close to the laundry is not difficult to find a parking space. Move comfortably from home to do your expres laundry.

Table and basket

For your convenience, in the laundry you have a table and basket in order to move and fold your clothes, quilts, blankets and the rest of your laundry.

Change machine

Self-service washers and dryers work with coins, but if you do not have enough, you can change your notes by coins . The machine accepts change of 5€, 10€ and 20€.

Softener detergent included

All our self-service washing machines of the laundry include detergent and softener automatically, so you do not have to worry about bringing laundry products from your home.

Sanitizing included

Your clothes will be completely sanitized thanks to the active oxygen that is incorporated into each washing cycle.

Decalcified filtered water

All washings use filtered and decalcified water for optimal washing.

Several washing modes

You can choose to wash your clothes between 20, 30 and 40 degrees depending on your needs.

Facilites of La Colada Albacete laundry

Know our laundry

We are a laundry company in Albacete, we are located a few meters from Abelardo Sánchez Park, in Calle Muñoz seca, 1, in the Parque Sur district. If you want to do your daily or weekly laundry you can wash and dry your clothes, quilts, blankets, duvets, bed sheets...

Get the best results of washing and drying in Lacolada Albacete Self-Service Laundry.

Our high-tech and high-capacity Primus washers and dryers are one of the best and most efficient washing brands on the market, as endorsed by our technicians and customers. In addition they are disinfected in each wash and they pass revision every day.

In the laundry we have high quality detergents and softeners, as well as incorporating active oxygen into the washes to care for and protect our clothing from abrasive products such as bleaches. Do not hesitate, choose the best laundry in Albacete to get the best results of washing and drying in Albacete, choose La Colada Albacete laundry.

The self-service washing machines have detergent, softener and active oxygen integrated so you do not need to add any additional product.

For any questions about the washing process or technical incident, you can call us at the customer service number 600 419 846 to receive personalized attention totally free of charge.

We have a free wifi network so you can entertain yourself while washing and drying.

Also, We have at your disposal a basket for clothes, a support table for clothes, magazines and a change machine in case you do not have coins.


Wash 12kg

Medium load
37 - 40 minutes
20, 30 y 40 degrees


Wash 16kg

High load
37 - 40 minutes
20, 30 y 40 degrees



Extra load
18 minutes
Expandable minutes

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Should I have to bring my own detergent and softener from home?

No. You do not have to worry about bringing with your own detergent and softener. Our washes just include detergent and softener of very high quality to leave your clothes perfectly washed and with a very good smell. Our customers especially like the smell of clothes after washing.

How long is the washing time? And drying?

Approximately between 37 and 40 minutes washing programs of 20, 30 and 40 degrees and about 55 minutes the laundry program very dirty (for only one euro more).

The dry takes about 18 min, although if you need to extend it you can do it (for only one euro more) as long as it does not three minutes left to finish. It is convenient to open the dryer and move the clothes for a better drying. You can always open and close the doors during this process to check that the clothes are dry.

Are the washing machines disinfected after each wash?

Yes. The washing machine supplies peracetic which act at low temperatures disinfecting clothes and washing machine.

Can I leave during the wash?

Of course, the doors are totally blocked during the washing but we advise you to check the duration of your washing in case you leave, since at the end of the washing the doors will unlock automatically.

Are the washing machines returning change?

They do not return change but we have a money exchange machine in the laundry.

Does the laundry open on Sundays and holidays?

Yes, the self-service laundry is open all week so that our customers can enjoy the service on Sundays and holidays included.

Primus washing machines used in the laundry

Washing machines of 12kg y 16kg load

The primus washers will allow you to wash the weekly wash of approximately two people for the 12kg wash and for four people the 16kg wash.


Primus high-capacity dryers allow you to dry duvets, sheets, duvets and any clothes quickly.


Calle Muñoz seca 1
02002, Albacete


600 419 846


Open from Monday to Sunday
from 08:00h to 22:00h